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GAMMON TECHNICAL PRODUCTS INC. (U.S.A.) GAMMON TECHNICAL PRODUCTS INC. (U.S.A.): Manufacturer of Equipment for Testing, Sampling, Dispensing, Filtering and Separating Petroleum Products.
WARNER LEWIS (GERMANY) WARNER LEWIS (GERMANY): Manufacturer of Aviation Pit Box, Strainer/Ball valve Accessories.
Hansa Consult (GERMANY) Hansa Consult (GERMANY): Design, Construction, Control & Automation, Tightness Control
HEWITT (U.S.A.) HEWITT (U.S.A.): Manufacturer of Aviation Fueling Hoses, Off Shore Marine and Dock Hoses, Roof Drain, MIL Spec Specialty Hose Manufacturer.
HANNAY REELS INC. (U.S.A.) HANNAY REELS INC. (U.S.A.): Manufacturer of Hose and Cable Reels.

As a distributor in India, we are in a strong position to supply above items in Rupee payments. We can also supply you spare parts for any of the above existing equipment for your maintenance needs even in small quantity as required by you. We will gladly provide you any technical consultancy or guidance for your future projects or maintenance of your existing equipments.

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